Tea and Scones by the Castle

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Hi!  To celebrate finally getting this blog launched I decided to bake scones and meet my friends for afternoon tea in Osaka Castle Park.  The weather was perfect – bright and sunny and not too hot yet. I’m wearing my newly completed (just finished hemming 5 minutes before I had to leave) dress from Burda 2018-05.  For more info see next post.

Scones and tea in the parkIMG_20180603_152709.jpg

The scones are a repeat of the recipe I used for my school’s afternoon tea party a few weeks ago.  It uses hot cake mix instead of regular flour (I’ve never seen self-raising flour in the shops here).  Also good luck finding clotted cream here – so we’re making do with mascarpone.


Osaka Castle Park is always busy at the weekends but we were able to find a great spot under the trees to have our tea.   A friendly little bird came to join us and steal a few crumbs.

My new dress was cute for walking around the park but hot!  For some reason the trend this summer seems to be bishop or other puffed sleeves.  As this dress was off-the-shoulder I thought it would be cool enough, but I was wrong.  I couldn’t stay in the sun too long in this dress. And it’s only the start of June!

I’ll have to rethink my summer sewing plans.  But anyway, welcome to my blog!

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