Important business meeting needs a cute outfit

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So, today I had a very important meeting with one of our client companies and I finally got to wear the outfit I had made just for this occasion.

Smart meeting outfit

This meeting has been in the works for a couple of months so I think I originally started preparing these projects way back in February.  And whilst the blouse has been worn a few times, this was my first time wearing the skirt out. (In fact I was still hemming it the morning of!)

Both these pieces come from Burda Style February, 119 and 120 respectively.  For pattern review see here. And I chose to make them based entirely on the photo 34.   With the pencil skirt and loose flowing top, the model looks so chic and elegant. It was with this image in mind I went fabric shopping.

Outfit inspiration

I thought the silver grey of the skirt and flowers would pair well together.  It was much smarter than I usually wear to the office but still really comfortable and breezy.  I think they will both make great additions to my wardrobe.

As for the meeting itself, I think it went well.  Though, once again I was reminded how awful my business Japanese is.  It’s really quite tricky to do and I use it so rarely I’ve never gotten confident with it.  And because it’s so easy to get wildly wrong I tend to fall back on English – not good!

Oh well!  At least I looked the part with my fancy new outfit!.

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