BS 2018-02-119 Skirt

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Pencil skirt

With this project I actually started out with the fabric and then trying to find a suitable pattern for it.

Smart meeting outfit
Looking cool in the elevator!

The Fabric

Absolutely gorgeous pattern of trees and leaves in silver-grey and black.  It reminded me so much of cherry blossom season here, of going to hanami picnics and looking up at the trees and blossoms from below.  It came in a pinkier colour and a darker grey but I decided on the white version.

I wish I could remember what it’s made of but I forgot to take a note.  On the right side it has a lovely silky finish and the wrong side is a thick woven backing – perfect for skirts.  

I also bought some white summer-weight lining fabric.

Choosing the project

After buying the fabric I looked through all my magazines for a suitable pencil skirt.  In the end I decided on the 119 because the interesting darts and panels caught my eye. I also thought the vertical darts would have a nice slimming effect.

Pattern available here

However, I have come to realise this was a mistake.  The elegant shaping lines of this skirt are totally lost in the busy print.  There hardly visible in the close up picture and invisible from a distance – this pattern obviously needs a solid colour or all that fiddly dart work is just a waste of time.

Can you see the darts and side panel?

Tracing and cutting out

Now here, either I made a big mistake or there’s something dead wrong with the pattern.  However I wouldn’t come to realise this until I tried it on!

The issue is with the lining and the facing.  The lining is cut using exactly the same pattern as the main skirt panels and assembled in the same way.  The facing is attached to the top of the skirt and then the lining is attached to the BOTTOM of the facing.  Can you see the problem here?

I couldn’t.

Basically the top of the lining matches your waist measurement, but now you have to attach it 2-3 inches below your waist to the bottom of the facing.  So now my waist measurement is trying to go round my butt – which is significantly bigger! As soon as I tried on the fully assembled skirt – RIP!

With the whole lining offset 2-3 inches lower there was no way it was going to fit. With no time or way to fix it I just ripped open the back seam and used a few tacking stitched to stop the lining bunching up.

What the instructions should do is have you cut off the top few inches of the pattern before cutting the lining.  That way you could also skip constructing the darts/side panel which just made it even narrower.

Honestly though, I think I should have spotted this for myself – I remember getting very confused while attaching the lining but just trusting Burda knows best.


Apart from the above disaster – it went ok I guess.  The dart/side panel thing was fiddly and really needed better instructions.  I had to unpick it several times when folds of material got caught on the wrong side.


I’m not all that impressed with the fit of it either.  Around the waist and butt it’s really nice but then it sort of flairs out a bit, looking far more like an A-line skirt than a pencil skirt.  I want to take it in at the side seams but those fancy panels at the top will make that quite tricky.

Overall – Nice enough I guess


I do really like the skirt.  The fabric is beautiful and the fit at the top is great.  It will need taking in and it was my mistake choosing the wrong fabric for this pattern but that issue with the lining was really annoying.

Would I make it again

Maybe… I’m not as positive about this project.  If I found the right fabric and got the fit issues sorted out.


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