Back from China!

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Long Time No see

So…. I’ve not written anything in ages.  But I have a good reason for that – I’ve been stuck behind the Great Firewall of China for the last two weeks.   No google, no gmail, no wordpress, no youtube, no instagram, no tumbler – it felt like a trip back in time!


I just got back – this morning in fact – so I’m pretty shattered.  It was an amazing trip and there’s so much to see in China.  I’ll be writing about it here.


I plan to cover:

  • Pre-trip sewing –
    • I made several projects for this trip and I’d love to share them with you and review the patterns.
  • My travels in China –
    • places I went, things I saw, recommendations and all that.
    • Beijing
  • Fabric buying in China –
    • I visited the Silk Market in Beijing, a Silk Factory and the garment and tailoring districts of Shanghai.  So I’ll to tell you all about those and what’s worth a visit.
  • Clothes shopping in China –
    • I went looking for beautiful Chinese clothes and accessories – did I succeed?


So that’s all for now.  I have to sort out all my photos and get it written.


See you soon!








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