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Sprout Patterns – Inari Tee Dress

Who hates tracing patterns?  Who finds marking fabric time-consuming?  Who thinks preparation is the dullest part of sewing?   Me, for one!   It is however super important.  Mistakes made in the initial stages cannot be corrected later.  You can waste a lot of time and nice fabric by laziness at the start of a

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Double-Trouble! Two shirts at once BSM 06-2018-109

A simple sleeveless shirt with a v-neck and a gathered front from the June 2018 issue.  Perfect project to show-case a the sort of big, bold patterns I love but that always get lost in a more complex project.  Super simple, easy-as-pie, cant-possibly-take-more-than-a-day.

Red Umbrella Mini-Skirt

BSM 2018-08-103  Red Umbrella Mini-Skirt This is a project from Autumn last year.  I made it for my birthday trip to Arima Hot springs with my friends. The project The skirt comes from Burda Style August 2018, Swinging Sixties collection.  Original is here.   I loved the cool exposed zip and angled front skirt – a

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Green Swirly Dress – Old Project

Old Project Review – Full Skirted Dress, British Sewing Bee Book As summer is on the way I’ve been switching round my wardrobe this weekend.  I dug around the back of my closet and pulled out all my summer clothes including this; my green swirly dress! This dress has a real special place in my

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